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Kerala Automobiles Ltd (herein after referred to as “KAL”), a Govt of Kerala PSU, invites online bids (E-TENDER), through the Kerala Govt E-tender portal, from reputed firms for executing the following contract. Last date for submitting online bids through Kerala government eprocurement website is 26.02.2018 - 3.00 pm

retender list

Instructions to Tenderers


1. The Bid should be submitted online at website in the relevant covers only, by the due date and time, as specified in the “Critical Dates” view of the “Work Item details” of the tender. Late/delayed tenders submitted online after the due date and time, for whatsoever reasons, will not be considered. The Server Date & Time as appearing on the website. shall only be considered for the critical date and time of tenders. Offers sent through post, telegram, fax, telex, e-mail, courier etc will not be considered.


2. Partially completed/incomplete bids shall not be considered.


3. All communications regarding the tender including queries if any and submission of offers shall be done online within the e-Procurement system at website


4. Bidders shall be required to arrange all resources, including Digital Signature Certificates and Internet Connection at their own cost, for participating in the online tenders at


5. KAL shall not be responsible for any delays in receiving as well as submitting offers for reasons whatsoever, including connectivity issues.

KAL shall not be responsible for any delays in submitting/receiving EMD/tender cost wherever applicable.


6. KAL shall not be responsible for the cost incurred for the preparation and submission of bids including the cost of digital signature certificates, regardless of the outcome of the bidding process.


7. Two Part Bidding system

Bidders are required to submit their offers in Two parts, namely “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid”.


Part I (“Technical Bid”)

Bidders are requested to upload the scanned copies of the following details “online” a) Tender enquiry (Annexure 1) duly sealed and signed in all pages.


b) KAL’s Prerequisite Technical Specifications (Annexure 2) duly sealed and signed in all pages.


c) Terms and conditions (Annexure 3) duly sealed and signed in all pages.


d) Bidders’ Technical offer in letter head. The Technical Bid shall invariably contain the following information:


1. Comprehensive Statement (Annexure 4) duly filled & signed in all pages


2. Detailed technical specifications of CNC 4 Axis Vertical Milling Machine with all Standard & Optional accessories


3. Parameters of Supply (Payment terms, Lead time of supply, Taxes and duties, P&F Charges, Freight, Validity of offer, Delivery Terms etc)


4. Erection, Commissioning and Training details


5. Duly Sealed and Signed Copy of Machine Layout and General arrangement drawings


6. Duly Sealed and Signed Copy of Incorporation Certificate, Audited Financial Statements for the last three years, Latest Income Tax Clearance Certificate and any other documents to prove credentials, experience & expertise in similar works in Indian establishments like Defence, ISRO, CPSUs, SPSUs etc (References)


7. Duly Sealed and Signed Copy of Civil foundation Drawings.


Part II (“Financial Bid”)


Bidders are requested to quote rates in the Finance cover (BOQ) only. Please do not quote/mention rates anywhere else in the tender other than BOQ. The bidders have to upload the Financial Bid in BOQ formats for CNC 4 Axis Vertical Milling Machine with all Standard & Optional accessories mentioned in the Technical Bid and any other charges In curred for the commissioning of the machine.

8. Please note that queries related to Tender enquiry, specifications, terms & conditions etc. should be submitted online only by logging in at before the clarification end date/time specified in the ‘Critical Dates’ view of “Work item Details”. Kerala Automobiles Ltd, at its sole discretion, may not entertain the queries sent by post/fax/e-mail or through any other mode of communication.


9. Tender opening will be done online at the time and dates specified in the tender “Critical Dates View” of “Work Item Details”.


10. The bidders are requested to go through the instructions to the bidders in the website . The bidders who submit their bids for this tender after digitally signing using their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), accept that they have clearly understood and agreed to the terms and conditions in the website including the terms and conditions of this tender.


11. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned within one month of finalisation of purchase. In the case of the successful bidder, the same will be retained as Security Deposit against the supply and will be returned only after successful trial run of the supplied item and accomplishment of all other terms of supply. No interest shall be paid on EMD/SD.


12. KAL reserves the right to accept any offer in whole or in part or reject any or all offers without assigning any reason whatsoever. KAL does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender or assign any reason whatsoever for non-acceptance of the same. Decision of KAL in this regard shall be final and binding on the bidder.


13. Offers received from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) shall only be considered for evaluation. Bids from traders/dealers shall not be entertained.




                                                                            MANAGING DIRECTOR


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