Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL)'s state-of-the-art factory is equipped with the most modern CNC machines to ensure dimensional accuracy of each component. The factory has highly sophisticated testing facilities to maintain vigorous quality control at every stage. The proof of the high quality standards attained can be appreciated from the fact that KAL has the distinctive privilege of supplying critical components to the Indian Space Research Organisation, for India‚Äôs sterling space program.

KAL Plant


  At every stage of manufacturing, excellent quality assurance is KAL's prime objective. This has been made possible using equipments such as Universal Testing Machines, Dynamometers, Exhaust Analyser, Digital Height Master, Ultrasonic Crack Detector, Eddy Current Tester etc.

   Quality assurance achieved through satisfied quality control methods has helped KAL to achieve ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

KAL Plant


   KAL's Product Engineering Department has the computerised design systems and testing equipment to ensure the international standards. Experienced engineers have transformed the basic Italian reference to the latest evaluation of the design leading to fuel efficient Eco-friendly KAL Three Wheelers ensuring stimulating quality system.

   The work of various new models are in progress of which, models likely to be launched immediately are Four-stroke petrol, JUMBO, the multi purpose Three Wheeler vehicles with a higher load carrying capacity.


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